FIN ZINE 4.1 Call For Submissions


FIN Zine is having its THIRD call for submissions. The reading period for FIN Zine 4.1 will be open from

Jan1st- February15th

The theme for this issue is: TRANS JOY

About the Theme:

How can we live our trans lives in a world full of violence without turning that violence on ourselves? One answer is the radical embracing of joy–Thomas Page McBee 

We still have to take the time to appreciate the smell of a beautiful rose, to be somewhere where the smell of fresh grass tingles your nostrils and makes you dream, relax, chill. If we become so cold and brutal and harmful and fearful of that next moment, that next day, what’s turning that next corner, it gets to a point of, Well, what's it all for? Why go to the next corner? Why get up, why go outside? Well, because different things can happen when you do, and the world is a wonderful place. And yeah, it's fucking hard. But, damn it, every now and then, something comes along that just tingles you to your toes, you know? It can be any number of things. The hand of a friend on your shoulder when you’re not feeling good. A smile from a total stranger that is warm and genuine and open, and that caresses your heart from whatever distance they are from you. Those make it worth getting up. Those make it worth fighting for who we are and believing in ourselves.”—Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

“And what I started to realize is that the delight I experience when I look at myself and who I am femmifesting is unparalleled, ancestral, soul-affirming. The joy of not having to define and live my life by imposed standards and borders. The joy of being able to constantly change, adapt, re-invent, shift, transform. 

And that got me thinking: Could it be that the reason we experience so much oppression is because of their repression? Could it be that the reason we are harassed is because others too recognize our joy? Could it be that they cannot take us because they have become accustomed to their own misery?

I want so badly for the world to feel entitled to its joy, to its pleasure, to its delight. I want so badly for people to give themselves permission to try, transgress, transcend. I want so badly to be able to walk down the street without having the joy punished out of me. I want so badly to share this with you. This (un)becoming. This invitation. This joy.” —Alok Vaid-Menon

Leave expectation to the wolves and dream without restraint.

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About FZ:

FIN zine is an annual black and white zine about 20 pages long that I Xerox at my local copy & print shop and staple myself. Previous issues showed only my writing and drawings about my growing gender identity and the journey of hormone replacement therapy.

The zine needs more voices. I am realizing more and more how my gender is both marrow deep and communal.

The zine will always be about transition, but as my PHYSICAL gender transition (I will always be in transition) begins to plateau, I want to make sure that all readers and contributors are given the opportunity to visualize how gender intersects with everything in our daily lives.

The physical zine is created with my own hands and money. I don't pay writers because this is a free zine and there is no income. Writers will be compensated with a copy of the zine.


Submission guidelines:

Send in one of the followings categories to

-2 short poems with the titles in all caps and your name underneath (doc/doc.x)

-1 short prose piece 200-700 words with the title in all caps and your name underneath (doc/doc.x)

-1 piece of artwork (jpeg or PDF)