Winter 2018

Happy New Year. I feel hopeful against all odds. I wanted to share with you some updates and future events for this month:

Month of January

I've been excited for months about participating in the Blueshift Journal's SpeakEasy Project with amazing poets like Luther Hughes and torrin a. greathouse.

January 9

I feel honored to read with authors from Vegetarian Alcoholic Press at the Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar in Seattle, Washington.  Here are the details about the event.

January 18

Reading at Margin Shift in Seattle, WA with  Jourdan Keith, Jean Day, Justine Chan. I can't wait for this one.

January 15-April 15

FIN Zine is open for submissions!

FIN Zine is having its SECOND call for submissions. Reading period for FIN zine 3.1 is from Jan 15th- April 15th


The theme for this issue is: Imagination as Healing


About the Theme:

One of my favorite books of poetry last year was Danez Smith’s Dont Call Us Dead. The book faces AIDS, racism, violence, desire, and trauma. It faces these things without an ounce of shame, with a fervor to reincarnate, to heal the dead. I found myself realizing that the imagery was relieving pains in my body and mind (and not metaphorically). Reading this book got me thinking about the ways in which I have equated imagination with denial instead of as skill of visionaries.


If we don’t imagine another end for Earth we will continue suffering. Even if hope has left us, we can still write another present/ ending, and in the process of writing we can find room for coping.


Leave expectation to the wolves and dream without restraint.








Dream Journals

Ram Dass

Prayer and Meditation


are encouraged.




About FZ:

FIN zine is a biannual black and white zine about 20 pages long that I Xerox at my local copy & print shop and staple myself. Previous issues were of my writing and drawings about my growing gender identity as I become a man through hormone replacement therapy. The zine needs more voices. I am realizing more and more how my gender is both marrow deep and communal.


The zine will always be about transition, even as my gender transition begins to plateau, I want to make sure that all readers are given the opportunity to visualize how gender intersects with everything in our daily lives. Often my transition from female to male has been like any other transition one goes through-- so with this idea in mind the content is not bound to narratives about going through physical transitions to change one's gender presentation. It's about change and about what carry along through change and what we lose. Please feel free to interpret the theme as it resonates with you. You do not have to identify as trans to submit to this zine, but you do have to dealing with how gender & change effect you and those around you. If you do not feel comfortable with cis-inclusion in a zine dedicated to themes about gender, please don’t submit.


The physical zine is created with my own hands and money. I don't pay writers, because this is a free zine and there is no income. Writers will be compensated with a copy of the zine.


Submission guidelines:

Send in one of the followings categories to 

-2 short poems with the titles in all caps and your name underneath (doc/doc.x)

-1 short prose piece 200-700 words with the title in all caps and your name underneath (doc/doc.x)

-1 piece of artwork (jpeg or PDF) (the zine is 4 by 5.5)

** Transgender folks, GNC folks, gender queer folks, gender fluid folks, non-binary, POC, NON-POETS, NON-ARTISTS are encouraged to submit!**